National Guidelines

Urban PHC reform guideline final draft 

The revised UHEP implementation manual _ Amharic 2015

Family Health Card_Urban Amharic 2015_opt

Family Health Card_Urban oromifa 2015_opt

Family Health Card_Urban tigray 2015_opt


  Integrated Urban Sanitation and HStrategy ygiene 

National Sanitation Marketing Guideline

 National Hygiene and Environmental Health Strategy (2016-2020)

Family Health Team Lessons from Field Implementation, Bole Sub city  Addis Ababa

Family Health Teams for Improved Urban Primary Health Care: A Case Study

Strengthening Public Private Partnerships for More and Better Health Outcomes in Ethiopia

 Financing Ethiopia’s Primary Care to 2035: A Model Projecting Resource Mobilization and Costs

 Ethiopia’s Progress in Health Financing and the Contribution of the 1998 Health Care and Financing Strategy in Ethiopia