The Center for Urban Health Development-Ethiopia (CUHD-E)

  1. About

Center for Urban Health Development-Ethiopia (CUHD-E) is established with the aim of creating center of excellence for evidence generation, evidence sharing, capacity building and policy guides development on Ethiopia’s urban health. The center is established under the School of Public Health of the Addis Ababa University. The Federal Ministry of Health and John Snow Inc. (JSI) through USIAD’s Strengthening Ethiopia’s Urban Health Program supports the center.

  1. Objectives:
  • Foster national discussions on urban health issues;
  • Create a platform for networking among individuals and institutions engaged in urban health;
  • Promote the understanding of the impacts of urbanization on health and behavior;
  • Promote trans disciplinary and collaborative research;
  • Serve as a knowledge hub (information center) for urban health in Ethiopia. As such all available urban health materials, will be collected, stored and shared to individuals and organizations working on urban health;
  • Provide technical support to researchers, programmers, policy makers and other stakeholders working on improving urban health;
  • Draw urban health related experiences and lessons from all over the world; and
  • Serve as a center for think tank group and policy and program reviews.
  1. Contact

The Center for Urban Health Development-Ethiopia is physically located within Zewditu campus of the School of Public Health/Addis Ababa University.

Please write to dawitsiraw33@yahoo.com or mirgissak@yahoo.com with any questions.

Our mailing address:

Addis Ababa University

School of Public Health

P.O.Box 9086

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia



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