Research Articles from Abroad

Water and Sanitation Hygiene Knowledge Attitude Practice in Urban Slum Settings

Voluntary HIV testing and risky sexual behaviours among health care workers: a survey in rural and urban Burkina Faso

Use of different subjective health indicators to assess health inequalities in an urban immigrant population in north-western Italy: a
cross-sectional study

Scoping reviews and research gap analysis on urban health interventions for the prevention and control of vector-borne and other infectious diseases of poverty 

Sanitation, Hygiene and Water Supply in Urban  Slums

Urban and rural variation in clustering of metabolic syndrome components in the Thai population: results from the fourth National
Health Examination Survey 2009

The sanitation environment in urban slums: implications for child health

The less healthy urban population: income-related health inequality in China Wei Yang* and Panos Kanavos

‘Complex’ but coping: experience of symptoms of tuberculosis and health care seeking behaviours – a qualitative interview study of  urban risk groups, London, UK Gillian M Craig1*, Louise M Joly1 and Alimuddin Zumla2

Tackling Tuberculosis in urban area:Experiences from mumbai City 

Obesity and the poor women living in urban slum areas: health system response Digna N Purwaningrum1*, Mubasysyir Hasanbasri2, Laksono Trisnantoro1

Analysing local-level responses to migration and urban health in Hillbrow: the Johannesburg Migrant Health Forum
Jo Vearey1,2*, Kirsten Thomson3, Theresa Sommers1,2 and Courtenay Sprague2,3,4

Accumulation of health risk behaviours is associated with lower socioeconomic status and women’s urban residence: a multilevel analysis in Japan Yoshiharu Fukuda*, Keiko Nakamura and Takehito Takano

An economic way of reducing health, environmental, and other pressures of urban traffic: a decision analysis on trip aggregation
Jouni T Tuomisto* and Marko Tainio

Disparities in obesity among rural and urban residents in a health disparate region

Contribution of smoking and air pollution exposure in urban areas to social differences in respiratory health 
Tamara Schikowski*1, Dorothee Sugiri1, Verena Reimann1, Beate Pesch2, Ulrich Ranft1 and Ursula Krämer1

Chronic non-communicable diseases and the challenge of universal health coverage: insights from community-based cardiovascular disease
research in urban poor communities in Accra, Ghana

Cardiovascular comorbidities among public health clinic patients with diabetes: the Urban Diabetics Study 
Jessica M Robbins*1, David A Webb1 and Christopher N Sciamanna2

Behavioral antecedents for handwashing in a low-income urban setting in Bangladesh: an exploratory study

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World Urbanization Prospects

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Water and Urbanization

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UN-Water Decade Programme on Advocacy and Communication (UNW-DPAC)


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Basic Principles of Healthy Cities: Health Determinants(2009).


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Andy Walker; Determinants of Health, Healthy Cities, and Health Inequalities;


W. T. Caiaffa, A. A. L. Friche, M. A. S. Dias, A. L. Meireles, C. F. Ignacio, A. Prasad, and M. Kano; (2013); Developing a Conceptual Framework of Urban Health Observatories toward Integrating Research and Evidence into Urban Policy for Health and Health Equity.



Samuel Oji Oti, Michael Mutua, George S Mgomella, Thaddaeus Egondi, Alex Ezeh and Catherine Kyobutungi; (2013); HIV mortality in urban slums of Nairobi, Kenya 2003–2010: a period effect analysis.



Bianca V. Carrion, Valerie A. Earnshaw, Trace Kershaw, Jessica B. Lewis, Emily C. Stasko, Jonathan N. Tobin, and Jeannette R. Ickovics; (2014); Housing Instability and Birth Weight among Young Urban Mothers.



Monica Magadi, Eliya Zulu, and Martin Brockerhoff; () ; The Inequality of Maternal Health in Urban Sub-Saharan Africa.



Donatien Beguy, Joyce Mumah, Lindsey Gottschalk; (2014); Unintended Pregnancies among Young Women Living in Urban Slums: Evidence from a Prospective Study in Nairobi City, Kenya.



Kristin Mmari, Nan Astone; (2014);Urban adolescent sexual and reproductive health in low-income and middle-income countries.



Mark R. Montgomery and Alex C. Ezeh; (); Urban Health in Developing Countries; Insights from Demographic Theory and Practice.






David E. Sahn and David C. Stifel; (2002); Urban-Rural Inequality in Africa.


Jean-Christophe Fotso, Alex Ezeh, Nyovani Madise, Abdhallah Ziraba, Reuben Ogollah; (2008); What does Access to Maternal Care Mean Among the Urban Poor? Factors Associated with Use of Appropriate Maternal Health Services in the Slum Settlements of Nairobi, Kenya.



It also gives some very simple advice for evaluating online sources–check more than one website and ask a teacher or another adult if you aren’t go to blog sure if the information you’ve found is reliable/true.