Research Findings from Ethiopia


Situational Analysis of Access to Improved Sanitation in the Capital of Ethiopia and the Urgency of Adopting an Integrated Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) System

Current state and trends of access to sanitation in 3 Ethiopia and the need to revise indicators to 4 monitor progress in the Post-2015 

Health Extension Workers time Motion Study Complemented by In-depth Interviews within Primary Health Care Units in Ethiopia

The Ethiopian Health Extension Program and Variation in Health Systems Performance 

Hibret Tilahun,1,* Binyam Fekadu,2 Habtamu Abdisa,2 Maureen Canavan,3 Erika Linnander,4 Elizabeth H Bradley5 and
Peter Berman1. Ethiopia’s health extension workers use of work time on duty: time and motion study

Mirgissa Kaba1, Girma Taye1, Muluken Gizaw1, Israel Mitiku1, Zelalem Adugna2, Addis Tesfaye2;  A qualitative study of vulnerability to HIV infection: Places and persons in urban settings of Ethiopia



Netsanet Fetene1, Erika Linnander1, Binyam Fekadu2, Hibret Alemu3, Halima Omer1,Maureen Canavan1, Janna Smith1, Peter Berman3, Elizabeth Bradley1*; The Ethiopian Health Extension Program and Variation in Health Systems Performance.








Hibret Tilahun,1,* Binyam Fekadu,2 Habtamu Abdisa,2 Maureen Canavan,3 Erika Linnander,4 Elizabeth H Bradley5 and Peter Berman;  Ethiopia’s health extension workers use of work time on duty: time and motion study.



Mirgissa Kaba, Girma Taye, Muluken Gizaw, Israel Mitiku; Maternal health service utilization in urban slums of selected towns in Ethiopia.



 Mirgissa Kaba, Girma Taye, Muluken Gizaw  Determinants of Urban Health in Selected Towns of Ethiopia(2015).




S. Getachew, E. Ali, K. Tayler-Smith, B. Hedt-Gauthier, W. Silkondez, D. Abebe, W. Deressa, F. Enquessilase, J. K. Edwards; (2016); The burden of road traffic injuries in an emergency department in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



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Dr. Wakgari Deressa, Tigist Addis, Tseganeh Demissie, Andenet Haile, Wahid Manaye; (2015); Formative Behavior Change Communication (BCC) Assessment Report.



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Dr. Seblewengel Lemma, Mr. Honelign Nahusenay, Dr. Gudina Egata, Dr. Mezgebu Yitayal, Ms. Dagmawit Tewahido; (2015); Analysis of the Core Functions, Issues, and Challenges of Human Resource Management for Urban Health Extension Professionals.



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Dr. Abera Kumie, Dr. Mamo Wubshet, Dr. Takele Tadesse, Mr. Walelegn Worku, Mr. Sileshi Taye, Ms. Dagmawit Tewahido; (2015); Situational Analysis of Urban Sanitation and Waste Management “The Structural, Socio-Economic, Institutional, Organizational, Environmental, Behavioral, Cultural, Socio-Demographic Dimensions.



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